Academy Clubs

At DLA, we believe extra-curricular activities play a very important role in the life of the pupil and the school. We therefore offer a variety of clubs for our students to join and enjoy both at lunchtimes and after school.  In addition, many of our children also learn a musical instrument.

From Art and Craft to Athletics, from Cookery to Choir…. at DLA we are able to offer a diverse range of extra-curricular activities. Clubs are important in order to extend our children’s learning, as well as developing new skills. We believe it is essential that there are opportunities to discover different interests and improve individual talents and all our children are encouraged to participate.

Our clubs are run by teachers, sports coaches and learning support assistants using their expertise to create interactive and engaging experiences. The clubs enable the children to take part in competitions, performances, concerts and much more. This gives our pupils the opportunity to interact with peers across the school which strengthens the school community.

Clubs are accessible to all our pupils as they run before school, at lunch time as well as after school.

Once our children have joined a club they are expected to attend regularly. If they wish to leave a club, then a written note from a parent/carer must be handed to the teacher in charge.  Some of the clubs only run at certain times of the year. Please see the teacher in charge for more details.


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