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Our ultimate aim is for our children to leave DLA as confident, learners who can communicate their ideas though a range of ICT software programs.

Computing is taught as a cross curricular subject, making links within the IPC, to ensure that the children’s skills are being developed in context over the week.

At DLA, the use of Information and Communication Technology is an integral part of the National Curriculum and is a key skill for everyday life. Computing lessons are taught once a week and often throughout the week in other areas, and cover a wide range of computer skills throughout the year. Each learner will gain a wide experience of computers, programmable robots, digital and video cameras and tape recorders can be used to acquire, organise, store, manipulate, interpret, communicate and present information.

As such, David Livingstone Academy recognises that its pupils are entitled to quality hardware and software and a structured and progressive approach to the learning of the skills needed to enable them to use it effectively.

ICT skills are promoted through regular access and use of technology relevant to a task. The school has 32 pupil iPads and each class room has two netbooks, ensuring all pupils have regular access. All computers and iPads are networked with broadband Internet access. Each child has access to Office 365, which is a cloud based system to access, save and share Microsoft Office program, they can access this both at school and at home.  A range of other ICT equipment such as digital cameras, camcorders and roamers are also available to pupils.

The predominant mode of working in ICT is as individuals or in small groups. New skills are usually introduced to a group or class of pupils. The practise of skills usually occurs discretely whilst using ICT to support work across the curriculum. Site licences have been purchased for a range of software including: Espresso, RM Maths, Lexia, etc. The school also subscribes to a number of Internet-based resources including: Espresso and EducationCity.com.