Approach to Education in French

French is taught throughout David Livingstone from Year R to Year 6 by class teachers, alongside a French speaking member of staff. This to bring our French lessons alive!

Our lessons include interactive activities with an emphasis on stories, non-fiction, games and songs. Each unit is based on a central theme or stimulus which immerses our classes in the language and sets their learning in a context. Material is often supported by videos, flashcards (printed and electronic), whole-class interactive activities and games, quizzes, poems and tongue-twisters.

Our children are familiarised with the written word when each new item of vocabulary is introduced, and they are encouraged to make links between phonemes and graphemes as soon as possible. In later years, children are encouraged to think about building spoken and written sentences in French. Progression is carefully built into our approach, so children gradually extend their vocabulary and come to grips with using more complex language.

As our learners get more confident in the spoken language, they will encounter, and give, simple reactions and opinions, and begin to take part in role plays and short conversations with their peers. They have opportunities to learn longer passages and to recite sentences and short passages that they have learnt by heart. They learn to appreciate the relationship between French and their own language, and between French and other foreign languages.

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