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Pupil Leadership Quotes from Reports

“A range of pupil voice mechanisms exists to empower pupil participation. School councillors and RRS Warriors are elected by their peers. In addition, pupils can participate as Eco Warriors and Road Safety Officers. A recent pupil survey shows that 98% of children believe their opinions are listened to” (RRS Level 2 Award: July 2013).

Children are partners in the running of the school and pupil participation is highly valued”  (IQM Report, July 2013).

“Pupil Advocates carry out their roles responsibly, acting as good role models to younger pupils” (Ofsted 2012)

Pupil Leadership: nurturing good student leaders is an important element of David Livingstone Academy’s success as a school. Our pupils readily take on leadership roles. Our Pupil Advocates, School Council, ECO Warriors, JRSOs and RRS Warriors contribute to the direction of the school with confidence and success. We are very proud of them; they are a strength of DLA.

Pupil Advocates: our Year 6 students (our Leaders class) are encouraged to take greater responsibility and to contribute positively both to the school and wider community. Pupil advocates is one part of this system. We have Tour Guides, Lunchtime Leaders, Environmental Patrollers, Games Directors, Fronter/web designers and Librarians. Our Tour Guides recently gave a tour of DLA to the Rt Hons David Laws, who was impressed with their knowledge and passion.

 The Role

    • To act as a role model.
    • To ensure all school rules are adhered to
    • To undertake different responsibilities and duties.
    • To show visitors around the school.
    • To perform wet play duties.
    • To assist with the lunch system.
    • To work on the Pupil Advocacy Fronter page.
    • To ensure the library is tidy at all times and to read with children throughout the school.
    • To water our plants  each day inside the school environment and outside when it’s a hot day.
    • To keep an eye on potential health and safety risks and report them to a member of staff immediately, in particular untidy cloakroom.
    • Find friends for children who are lonely.
    • Encourage children to try out playing different games.
    • Initiate games for children to play.
    • To attend school events when required.
    • To attend all meetings as required.
    • To attend meetings with the Leadership Team,
    • To write articles for the newsletter.


 JRSOs: our JRSOs lead school assemblies and lead role play activities in KS1 about keeping safe on the streets and traffic awareness.

School Council: the School Council is elected by their peers to represent their interests in meetings. They took an active role in appointing the newly formed PTA and have created their new name: ‘The DLA Hive’.

Pupil Advocate

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