Rights Respecting School

At David Livingstone, we are a Rights Respecting School, having achieved our Level 2 status in July 2013.

“It was particularly notable that children and adults alike have a strong bond of respect and affection, many describing the school community as ‘family’ “

The Rights Respecting Schools initiative has been developed by UNICEF, an organisation which focuses on the rights of every child. Their aim is to protect each child in the world and help them to have their basic needs met in order to achieve their full potential.

The UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child) sets out the rights which every child is entitled to. There are 42 articles within the convention which covers all areas of a child’s life such as education,emotional and social development and protection.

Within our school, RRS is embedded throughout our ethos, policies and curriculum, helping everyone to learn about their rights and responsibilities and ultimately providing the tools and strategies to respect these for themselves and others. All children have the responsibility to respect each other’s rights. All staff have the responsibility to respect and provide for the rights of the children and support those in need. We not only think about the rights of those in our own school, but also those in our community, country and worldwide. This helps the children to consider a wide range of issues, not least, to develop an understanding of their global citizenship.

Each week, every class follows a basic lesson structure which is planned by the RRS Leader for the whole school each half term. Teachers then adapt this to suit the needs of their class and to fit in with the decisions and ideas gathered from their children. It is important to feedback on the thoughts of a child so that it helps them to understand better the topics that are covered.

The planning follows a two year cycle which consists of 12 key values which we believe are important for the children to learn about. These are linked to a variety of situations which affect themselves in school, at home, in their communities and worldwide. They give the children the opportunity to develop their knowledge of how they can make a difference to others and how everyone is entitled to their rights, explaining how this impacts on our lives.

(from our staff and children)

Miss Pumfrey–‘RRS is important because it allows each child to explore and develop their understanding of citizenship and PSHCE/SEAL simultaneously. Each right and responsibility encourages children to make their own respectful choices based on a deeper understanding of what is right and wrong. We are able to express our own views and celebrate differences in a safe, caring environment’.

Mrs Johnson–The children enjoy having a new and different value each half term; an accompanying action that visually demonstrates this value really helps in KS1. Talking and thinking about the meaning of this one word, over the weeks, gives the children time to reflect in more depth about the true meaning of each value’.

Miss Petitti–‘RRS is important, as it informs children about their rights and that all children are entitled to these rights, all around the world. It’s also about teaching children that they should respect these by taking care of their classroom, coming to school on time and supporting our friends’.

James–‘RRS helps us to make the rules we follow so we can work as a team and respect everyone’.

Savanna‘Every child should get what they deserve – their rights. RRS helps us to remember our rights and also our responsibilities’.

Mason–‘We are always encouraged to do our best in everything we do; that’s why we reach for the stars’.

Anais‘RRS helps me to understand Values and to feel confident and responsible for myself’.

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