Our Approach to Teaching Science at DL

At David Livingstone we know that every child has a naturally inquisitive mind. Children are born to explore, investigate and discover. We aim to provide opportunities to develop these key life skills within our Science lessons.

At DL we know that good science can only be evident when every lesson is inspiring and engaging. Pupils need to be able to build on prior knowledge, skills and read and spell scientific vocabulary. Regular opportunities are provided for children to have hands on experiences, through investigative work, which develop their enquiry skills.

The new National Curriculum enables us to enhance our children’s scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through biology, chemistry and physics. We develop their understanding of the natural world, making them aware of the implications of science for today and in the future. We ensure that every class has one hour of Science a week. These lessons are both indoor and outdoor, guaranteeing that the learning environment is always stimulating. Children are encouraged to answer their own questions and link learning to every day life. This learning takes place both individually and within group discussions.

Our Science curriculum embeds every aspect of scientific skills and knowledge. Children learn about:

A wide range of living things – humans, other animals, green plants and how to protect the environment.

Materials – grouping and classifying, changes and separating a mixture or materials.

Physical Processes – electricity, forces, light, sound, and the Earth and Beyond.

 Children apply their knowledge by carrying out systematic investigations and using a range of sources. They are able to make connections between ideas and communicate their findings to adults and peers alike.

At David Livingstone Academy, Science is a hugely valued aspect of our learning and school life. We aim to continually improve our understanding of the world around us and enjoy discovering new things!

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