The Hive

Our PTA is called The Hive, renamed in 2014 by our School Council. The Hive was chosen because our Council likened our PTA as working hard, throughout many activities, as opposed to stinging! A great name DLA thought…

The Hive works alongside our Governing Body, School Council, staff team and parents and carers. We are a community who join together to brainstorm functions and events. The money that is raised by The Hive is a massive support to assist the school in providing our children with the resources that DLA on its own may not be able to budget for. For example, in the past the PTA have paid for the 9 steel pans, a sound system, books, hall curtains, leavers presents, BBQs, the KS1 trim trail, professional frames in the corridors…the list is endless.

 The Committee’s Commitment: all parents/carers and staff are part of The  Hive because we are all members of this school community. However, it is a legal requirement that we need a few key members to form the committee. These people are expected to attend the vast majority of meetings, help to organise events and are the driving force behind The Hive. We all who have worked tirelessly to achieve the best outcomes for our children. The roles are as follows: Chair; Vice Chair; Secretary; Admin assistant; Treasurer.

Examples of roles: the chair and vice chair work closely together it is envisaged (school council idea) that one of these roles is taken by a member of DLA staff. The chair leads the meetings and makes sure things run smoothly and the vice chair will stand in for the chair if s/he is absent. The secretary writes the minutes (notes) of the meeting and keeps them organised in a file and the admin assistant helps the secretary with this role. Both will write letters/emails to sponsors or people to take part in our fete, for example. The treasurer will look after the accounts and make sure that all receipts are collected. S/he will work closely with our Office Manager, Mrs Gillespie.

DBS Check: all members of the PTA are required to allow the school to apply for an application to the Disclosure and Barring Service for an enhanced criminal records certificate (DBS). This is a legal requirement.

Please read our first newsletter of the academic year to find out more about us and the positions available at present.

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